Diana, Bacchus, Dionysus (cunningham, Wicca))

Thursday, peace, spirituality, water, crown chakra, spirit/aether, precognative dreams, general magic booster, healer, protection from drunkeness, protection against manipulative magic, stress alleviation (Ellen Dugan, Book of Witchery)

Psychic Power, truth, balance, protection, healing (Murphy-Hisock, The way of the green witch)

Moderates unruly behavior, encourages clarity of mind and spiritualy, all-round healer, balances polarities, maintains equilibirum, encourages self-control, calms harsh emotions, brings stability, helps practical application of imagination, aids medication and sleep, integration, spiritual calm, healing (the essential guide to crystals)


Stimulation, communication, memory, access distant memories, past lives, ancestral energies, eases ENT and nervous system problems, inspires creativity and personal expression, releases blocked emotions, supports communication, enhances psychic faculties (essential guide to crystals)


Healing properties, fast, multidirectional energy, soothing, calming, cooling, associated with natural cycles of change and transmutation, enables effortless flow, shifts stagnant or slow energy, soothes and calms emotions, quiet the mind, creates clarity, removes friction and dissonance (essential guide to crystals)


Sunday, fire, protection, healing, sexuality, courage, smart decisions, focus, organizational skills, success, removes doubt and negativity, aids in public speaking, positive energy, moving forward, job + career magic, calm anger, remove jealousy and hatred (Ellen Dugan, book of witchery)

Success, manifestation (way of the green witch)

All-around healing stone, friendly, accessible, second chakra, warming, stabilizing, releasing, repairing, courage, confidence, protection from harm, releases stress and trauma, enhances creativity, repairs subtle bodies (essential guide to crystals)


Calms nightmares, aids in digestion, focuses the mind, enhances creativity (way of the green witch)

East (Cunningham Wicca)

Type of quartz, warming, comforting, uplifting, sustains natural processes, incubates energy, anchors/activates lower chakras, restful, boosts confidence and personal power, provides "sunny" energy to stimulate mind in winter months (essential guide to crystals)


Anti-inflammatory, soothing, unifying, sacred to Venus and Cyprus, eases conflicts, encourages positive outcomes, promotes emotional harmony, alleviates difficult astrological/cosmic influences, reduces inflammation, releases tension and frustration, enhances brain function (essential guide to crystals)

Associated with Venus (love and beauty), revitalizes, refreshes, healing, balances energetic exchanges, attracts money, conducts magical energy, enhances harmony, abundances, and attraction of positive energy, used for work regarding kindness, fertility, peace, harmony, arts, and friendship. (Way of the Hedge Witch)

Friday, Venus, water, warm, receptive, lucky, draws love (book of witchery)


Coordination, innovation, inspiration, encourages invention, helps planning and coordinating resources, supports bone tissue and all organs, helps master physical skills, improves dexterity and balance, encourages self-worth, facilitates new ideas, understanding, and awareness (essential guide to crystals)


Sunstone-ish? Healing, energy, protection, positivity, fighting against depression (

Contains copper (those are the golden flecks). Ambition, confidence, energy, positive attitude (


West, Coatlicue, Kwan Yin, Ma'at, (cunningham, Wicca)

Wisdom, prosperity, fertility, health, protection (way of the green witch)

Healing, ancestral spirits, protection of the dead logetivty, belonging, stability, instinct, balances heart chakra, improves relationships with others, enhances ability to act apropriatively and effectively, relaxes, accelerates healing process (essential guide to crystals)

(Regular) ObsidianEdit

Saturday, naturally occuring cooled glass from lava, fire, Saturn, "Apache tear"?, ground and center, protective spells, fights negativity, breaks bad luck (Ellen Dugan, book of witchery)

South, Pele, Tezcatlipoca (Cunningham Wicca)

Revealing, cleansing, transforming, breaking down outworn patterns, volcanic glass, scrying tool, clairvoyance, reveals the hidden and lost, brings hidden issues and emotional trauma to the surface, rebalances digestive system, grounds and protects (essential guide to crystals)

(Snowflake) ObsidianEdit

Protection, winter and midnight (way of the green witch)

Snowflake obsidian is formed with regular obsidian + feldspar, mica, or other related crystals (essential guide to crystals)

(Clear) QuartzEdit

Amplifies energy, stores power, enhances psychic ability, absorbs negativity, all-purpose stone (way of the green witch)

Brightening, organizing, amplifying, most common crystal (10% of the earth's crust), access to the spirit world, amplifies the energies of other stones, helps reveal truth, divination and scrying, strengthens the whole aura, cleanses and shifts energy, releases blocked emotions, calms, clarity of thought, sharpness of perception, brings spiritual peace, ideal for meditation and contemplation (essential guide to crystals)

(Rose) QuartzEdit

Friday, sun, moon, fire, water, receptive/attractive energies, joy, harmony, comfort, romance, heart chakra, self-love, warm fuzzies, friendship, boosts aura (Ellen Dugan, Book of Witchery)

amplifies and stores energy, boosts self-esteem and self-love, emotional healing, fosters affection, transforms negative energy into positive energy (way of the green witch)

Opens heart, brings in trust and love, love, emotion, release, appreciation of beauty, inspires love and friendship, rapidly relieves emotinoal stress, uncovers underlying cause of other problems (essential guide to crystals)

Tiger's EyeEdit

Ra (cuningham, Wicca)

Projective, courage, protection, battle talisman, protection from mishaps and danger, increases energy flow and confidence (Ellen Dugan, Cottage Witchery)

Good energy shifter, protective amulet, practicality, sociability, realism, protects against "evil eye", diverts unwanted energy, confuses opposition, releases stuck or congested states, soothes physically and mentally, builds confidence, encourages contact with other people (essential guide to crystals)

strength, courage, luck, prosperity (way of the green witch)


Perspective, balance, self-worth, hearth energies, strengthens our sense of identity, releases emotional stress, expansion and growth, calm, practical energies, resolves conflict, loosens constrictions, balances physical aspects of the heart and circulation, soothes pelvic aches, releases emotional blocks, focuses attention on the present to distant self from past traumas, encourages a detatched view of our lives (essential guide to crystals)

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