UPG and Scholarly Articles About LughEdit

A Modern Table of Correspondances by Brian Walsh of New Tara

The Long Road to Identifying My Patron by Carpdeus

Lugh Shrine by Brian Walsh of New Tara

Lugus: The Many-Gifted Lord by Alexei Kondratiev

Lughnasadh Rituals and ArticlesEdit

A Celtic Lughnasadh Module by Ceisiwr Serith, ADF

Lammas Vs. Lughnasadh on The Cauldron

Lughnassadh Rite by Ian Corrigan, ADF

On Lughnassadh by Ian Corrigan, ADF

On the Nature of Sovereignty by Earrach of Pittsburgh, ADF

Wild Onion Grove's Lughnassadh 2004 by Gwydion, ADF

The Welsh Lleu Llaw GyffesEdit

Llud and Llefelys on

The Ordeal of Lleu as Shamanic Initiation by Leigh Ann Hussey

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