Name of DeityEdit

Name(s) of deity, including alternate spellings, original language(s) if possible, and etymology.


  • Bulleted list of epithets
  • Links to pages with more info/intepretation
  • Include personal epithets

Family TreeEdit

Parents, siblings, children; make into a graphic if possible.

Important RelationshipsEdit

More detail than family tree; also includes relationships with other deities and humans, if it appears in myth.

Images and SymbolsEdit

Include common/important representations of deity or objects associated with them; animals, plants, color, hieroglyphics if applicable, examples of Their depiction in ancient and modern art.

Mythic Cycle(s)Edit

Describe myths associated with deity; if possible, source context (time and place) of original myths.


Both ancient and modern. How did the ancients celebrate this deity? How are modern practitioners doing so? Links to pages about important holidays spanning multiple deities (ie Winter Equinox, Opet)


How a deity shrine (or space on a larger shrine) might look. Things to include, what to offer.


Prayers, hymns, "scripture," etc.

Doing Their WorkEdit

How does doing the Work of this deity manifest in the real world? Look at volunteer opportunities, hobbies, charities, ways to live and act.

Further ReadingEdit

Websites, articles, opinion pieces


More academic sources

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